Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Seeding and Feeding starts your legacy

Seeding and Feeding starts your legacy

We are such an Amazing creation with an AMAZING Creator. There are so many reasons for this comment. However, today my reason is Microbiome. You say "what are microbiome"?  
Microbiome are microorganisms in a particular environment (including the body or a part of the body)."we depend on a vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins"
 We all have trillions of microbiomes in our body however the amazing part of this is that it is our generational genetic make up. You pass this down to your family line after birth. Women give birth to their babies and the most amazing thing happens. The microbial transfer starts once the amniotic sac ruptures. Microbial are organisms  set your baby gut and  immune system.
 Do not mistaken this for GBS. What is GBS you ask?  Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacterial infection that can be found in a pregnant woman’s vagina or rectum. This bacteria is normally found in the vagina and/or rectum of about 25% of all healthy adult women. Women who test positive for GBS are said to be colonized. A mother can pass GBS to her baby during delivery. This is a very serious issue. However I am not able to go into more detail at the time.
Imagine this, you have passed down generations of bacteria that establishes your child gut and immune system. This exposure happens like a fine tuned machine. This exchange happens only once. Your pregnancy is one experience that is beyond any one persons comprehension. You were able to carry another human being. Wow! You feel this human growing, moving and interacting with you. I was in awe of this experience.
 As a mother you consider the legacy you strive to build for your child and never in a million years could you imagine that you are passing down to your child trillions of your Mother, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother and so on and so on microbiome. Your baby original contact happens when the sac ruptures then baby passes through the canal and out the vagina. This is when baby comes in contact with vaginal bacteria after your gut bacteria. Now we happen to poop on the table because we use the same muscles to push that's when we defecate. Pooping during birth will be discussed in another Blog at a later date. If there is any poop on or near your child as it exits your baby come in contact with more microbials and then finally you do skin to skin and initiate the feeding process. You are not just feeding your little one. These organisms perform important functions that include digesting unused nutrients, producing vitamins, stimulating normal immune development, countering harmful bacteria and fostering maturation of the gut.
 Can you believe this? Now consider this your breast milk is more special than you know? Your milk provides sugary food for the microbial. We all know bacteria love sugar. However, this sugar is good and so is this bacteria. This a part of the maturation of the gut. As you feed the bacteria you create a environment where the bacteria grow and there for create a good bacteria haven. 
  The other amazing thing is that this exchange happens in a particular order so that each phase prepares the microbial for the next phase. I can barely contain myself A.M.A.Z.ING... 
  Now for the Mom who is told that you have to have a C-section no worries. You can create a microbial exchange. There is something that some Dr. will do call Seeding. Seeding is when the Dr. will expose baby to your microbials. The most wonderful thing for woman who would love to pass their legacy on. 
 For those who elect to have a C-section it is definitely your choice but understand the convenience you create is more than just a quick birth.  Many studies have suggested that the trillions of micro-organisms that are in our human body influence our present and future health and may account for the rising serious medical conditions now plaguing Americans, youth and elderly.
  Researchers believe a disruption in one or more of these phases can lead to serious, health problems. One thing they mentioned was gut maturation is impaired or delayed, some experts believe undigested proteins could leak into the bloodstream and trigger an allergy or gluten intolerance, or an impaired immune system could result in an autoimmune disorder like Type 1 diabetes, juvenile arthritis or multiple sclerosis.
 Can you believe this all from a bacterial change or lack of exchange.
When I gave birth to my precious daughter I never consider that my birthing experience was more than I knew. I passed not just my bacteria but My Mothers, My deceased Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother bacteria. I miss them so much and to know that I am carrying them with me and not just in memory and I have passed it on to my daughter this has given me great joy and comfort. 
 So, Beautiful Woman and Mommies I hope you are excited for your part in legacy building in your family. 
I hope this is helpful and give you useful information. If you are informed you need a c-section please ask your Provider about seeding. If you are electing a c-section I hope this has given you useful information to create a stabilized gut and immune system
 Do not miss understand I am not judging anyone. Your birth is your birth. Be proud of it.
I hope you serve you soon.

Peaceful Birthing Doula

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Doula Dad?

Can it be  such a thing? 

I am asked pretty often by Expecting fathers "Why do we need a doula"? I have to remind them there is more to being a doula than standing in the room. Having a doula present is invaluable. The misunderstanding is they believe the Nurse, Physician or Midwife will be able to help them in all situations. You have to understand if your not the only patient in labor their time is divided between all patients. The staff are really clinicians. Their goal is to make sure you and baby are healthy not to make sure your baby isn't sunnyside up, in a funky position that is stalling labor or your anxious about something.  As Your Doula we offer so much to the birth not just telling a mom to breath. Consider this for me. We offer comfort measures, affirming, we also assist mom during labor. We can pick up on if labor has changed course. We fight for a little time to allow your body to respond to changes made. Dad, this doesn't take away from your love and affection. We as doulas acknowledge it, value it and we tap into it when is necessary.

Dad, when you have a doula you have a team member. You know your wife better than anyone. The Doula will rely on this knowledge. We Doulas are their to support, encourage, advocate and create an environment that is best for you and your family as you welcome your little bundle of joy. You will not be left out; this will allow you to experience the birth instead of working during the birth. It can be hard work trying to remember did I give her water? Did she change positions? does baby like this position? What to do to offer her comfort?Why do they want to break her water? There is a lot more to being a doula than people know. We know how things are going while your beautiful wife is laboring. We know when to suggest she should get in to the shower etc.

Doulas do more than rub your feet and back. We don't just sit at your wife bed side. I make sure every Family has what is best. If your wife isn't comfortable with having an IV, If its not medically necessary I will  provide you all with the information to make sure she doesn't have the IV. You don't want to do your vaccine at hospital you would like your family physician to handle this, I am there to remind the staff of this plan. You want a delayed cord clamp. I am not caught in the moment I am their repeating "delayed cord clamp" until they acknowledge what I have said.  I am there to make sure you are able to benefit from ever right and joy in birth.

You should never have to be concern about anything. The Doula will make sure you are updated and informed when it is necessary. Why worry? Why not enjoy the best day of your life. Birth is an experience for you and your family enjoy it and allow the doula to support you.

Peaceful Birthing Doula is a company that Educate, Encourage, Serve and Support families in Labor, Birth and Postpartum recovery. Do not be concerned about a Doula taking a moment from you. Allow her to support you both. Enjoy and experience that you can never take back you Childs Birth.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me for any questions.

Tunisia Macklin,
Peaceful Birthing Doula
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

From Plate to Palate; A Fertility Journey Part 3

Well, Annette has done it again. I am so honored that Annette has chosen to share her  journey with us. There are over 20 million women who battle infertility or some women health issue that can lead to infertility. We all have to work toward supporting one another and listen to our story.

Everyone Please enjoy... I hope this will bless you.

There are times that I think to myself “are these natural healing techniques working” to help me conceive? Because sometimes, it’s hard to really measure it. But, when I meditate on it, I feel it and wholeheartedly believe it. Personally, I felt that forcing my body to conceive is not the route I ever wanted to go, so IVF wasn’t even on my radar. Everyone is different, and knows their body more than ANYONE else does, so whatever route that they choose is up to them! I know that, for me, I didn’t want to force nature because something in my heart tells me that my body still needs some healing to do in order to create the right environment to carry a child. So, amping up the natural healing modalities is what I’m doing. And, I have to say, I am LOVING them!

Aside from focusing on a highly plant-based lifestyle over the past 4.5 years, I really began increasing the amount of fruit in my diet over the past year - our reproductive system runs on natural sugars like honey, coconut water, fruit, veggies (YUM!). It is so alkalizing, healing to the body, and supportive of the reproductive system! We need to eat fruit to bear fruit.

One of the key ingredients to this fertility recipe is prayer. There is nothing more relaxing and comforting to me than that. When the timing is right, God will bless us with our own little angel. I strongly believe that. We are on God’s watch, not our own, and He knows what’s right for each of us – I just need to keep leaning into that, and know that He’s got it covered! I still have to do some work of my own, but I rest in the fact that I have the Lord guiding us and watching our backs. There was a very personal prayer that the Pastors at our church prayed over me, my husband, and our future child that gave me so much comfort and peace, and I just knew something additional was healing in my body as soon as I walked out of church that evening. You can’t measure everything in a physical manner – there are some things that are just felt by the heart.

I have been going to acupuncture for the past 6 months - the first few months I was focusing on my shoulder discomfort, not really fertility (thankfully, the shoulder discomfort has gone down significantly, so I know something is working!). But, it wasn’t until July/August that I had the acupuncturist really start focusing more on fertility – I don’t know why I waited so long for that piece, but timing is everything. My heart was finally telling me to start pumping up the jam on the acupuncture! So, we did. When I say we, I mean me AND my husband. It takes two to tango, and guys need it too sometimes. To me, acupuncture is extremely relaxing, and I find myself almost in another realm while getting it done. The energy blockages just start opening, and the body heals! While this may not happen for everyone, I know I can feel healing from it. Highly recommended!

I’ve also tried the Mayan abdominal massage a few different times, and really enjoy it! There are other abdominal techniques that can be stronger and more intense, but I like to lean into practices that are more calming and relaxing, so I chose this massage technique. It’s great for clearing energy pathways, and great for gut health too (which is what I have been working on healing for the past 4.5 years; I still have a ways to go, but I can feel the healing happening). Cupping alongside the abdominal massage and reflexology have all been super relaxing, and I know that’s what my body has been craving (for YEARS) – to relax! Resting is part of the game, and my reproductive system sure needs some of it.

Saunas have been a nice addition to my routine over the past 6 months as it allows me to relax, have some extra prayer time, and sweat out those toxins! Also, following the moon cycles is still something I am learning about, but after digging a little deeper into the way the moon cycles, planet alignments, energy vibrations, etc., affect female cycles, I have become a strong believer in how we are so connected to every part of this universe. And, how the energy of the universe truly helps us! I have made it a practice to do new moon and full moon meditations, and ask the moon (which represents female energy; the sun represents male energy) to help guide and heal me. What a deep and beautiful connection I feel to it, especially since I synced my cycle up to the moon cycles (yes, it’s possible to do this)!

I hope this gives all of you some extra hope knowing that there are many natural healing modalities out there to work on healing the body (both women AND men), and I barely scratched the surface with the ones that I am practicing. I have a peace in my heart that all of these are working in conjunction with each other! Praying for all of you on your fertility journeys, and I hope that you each find peace in whatever techniques you are leaning into; you have the power to heal your body – many blessings to you!

Annette Licitra
Integrative Health Coach + Wellness Chef
Passionette Palate
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Massage when pregnant? Really!? Why?

 Do you need a massage while pregnant? 

This society is so set on dealing with issues and symptoms as they come. To be honest massage is needed period. We have to start to think from a preventative perspective. 
Why take vitamins? Why exercise? Why watch what you eat ? It is all to prevent something. Correct? 

There are over 600 muscles and over 200 bones in the human body. For women some are different than men.  Specifically our hips because they are designed to hold a growing baby and move as baby grows. Your muscle will be a huge part of This transformation. Muscle pulls bone. So, why would you want your muscle tight? They need to be pliable and ready to do their duty.. 

Tight muscles along with moving bones are part of the majority of the reason why women experience low back pain, hip pain and glutes and sciatic pain during pregnancy. After birth the neck, shoulder and midback pain is common due to breastfeeding. 

k! So, let's try the preventive approach and see how massage can work. Why take prenatal vitamins? Why have placenta encapsulation?Again all is to prevent. I support more women who just never consider massage until they are uncomfortable or in severe pain. What concerns me the most is many wait til we are in the middle of laboring. They start to experience cramps in their back, leg or glutes. I usually have to provide massage that maybe uncomfortable to them in addition to  laboring discomfort. Everything count during pregnancy. Please prepare your body for the changes. You should consider what keep you comfortable.

Massage also is great for relaxation and releasing tension. If your physically ok then just relax and enjoy pregnancy with massage. Pregnancy can be overwhelming for some and some leave you with feelings of trepidation which can cause muscle tension consider massage.

Every Beautiful Mommy never consider what it take to have a beautiful and successful Birth. Massage keep you muscularly in optimal shape along with frequent activity if you can along with stretching and please don't forget you have to consider structurally making sure your body can respond optimally at the task at hand.

1. Massage therapy at least once a month
2. Stretch
3. Hydrate
4. Chiropractic
5. Stay active with something as simple as walking, mobility like yoga.

Beautiful Mommies PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TIL YOUR IN PAIN. PLEASE use a preventive mind set so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

Have I mentioned anything that sound familiar? If this is you or you know someone this remind you of. Schedule Massage Today.

I hope you serve you soon.

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